The stairs in your house are the last place you would think about decorating. Unless you rip up a dark-colored carpet or add some serious renovation, it’s a common misconception that there is nothing much you can do with them. Whether it is painting, carpeting, or doing as little work as possible, plenty of creative ideas can help you update your stairs.

  1. Pattern Play 

This idea doesn’t need you to touch your actual staircase for making an impactful décor change. Just place the wallpaper on the wall against your staircase and give it a wow factor.

2.  Give a Black Look 

Have you ever thought of giving your staircase a sexier look? Go for a black staircase with domestic wooden steps to get a stunning view of your staircase.

3.  Add Stripes

Give your staircase a clean, crisp look with classic stripes. Choose vibrant color combinations, such as white and blue to bring plenty of nautical charm to your steps without having to go overboard.

4.  Functional & Stylish

Think about some ways to make your staircase a functional yet stylish. Hang some hooks on the wall above the staircase to hang your bags or coats, making it easily accessible when you head out.

5.  Install Wooden Steps

Ordinary materials may make your staircase feel overvalued. Wooden steps not only give an impressive look to your house but also let you feel cool. You can also add a small glass table at the bottom to keep it giving too simple feel.

No matter what decoration idea you are going to apply on your staircase, make sure to regularly clean it to enhance and maintain the decoration. It will be even better to look for professional stair cleaning services to get the best possible results within your desired budget.