Computer experts, especially those who are focusing on networking and web design, have been pointing out the advantage of using the content delivery network to manage websites today. The content delivery network, also known as CDN, is a group of services that are distributed geographically working together to deliver internet content faster than usual. CDN makes it possible for assets like HTML pages, images, videos, and javascript files to be transferred quickly to ensure the successful loading of a visited internet website. CDN services were used exclusively by those who understand the concept, but as more computer experts are teaching other professionals what DNC does, its popularity started to rise. Today, web traffic coming from the largest websites on the planet like Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix are being serviced by CDN, ensuring a faster website loading time. Aside from the role of the CDN to load web pages faster, computer experts tweaked some of its properties to become an effective tool in protecting a network from hacking attempts. Several CDN configurations exist, protecting many websites from being infiltrated by malicious software programs that are launched via simultaneous attacks. To continuously protect the network through using CDN, one should always monitor CDN performance to ensure the effectivity of its security features.

Despite the prevalence of the CDN in the present, many people are still confused as to how the system helps their business or their web pages. Many thought that CDN and web host are the same, but what they do not realize is that web hosting is more powerful, while CDN improves the performance of a website that is being hosted through the web host. Traditional web hosts could not replicate the success attributed to the performance boost offered by CDN, and as a result, more people would like to go with the CDN for their website boosting needs. Website owners are saying that the performance boost offered by CDN helped them with their businesses, and it also allowed their web pages to load faster. Many people who are looking at web pages online would quickly leave a site if it takes an eternity just to open a single page. Having a CDN manage the loading time results in better customer experience, and it would also open up new opportunities for the website owner. A fast website loading time would also let more people stay longer within the site, improving the retention rate which could translate to more profit being made.

Another advantage of using CDN would be the lower costs of bandwidth. It is important to have a higher bandwidth on a website, to ensure that it will load faster without any problems. However, the payment for higher bandwidth is becoming more expensive, but the problem can be addressed using CDN. Computer experts are advising those who run their websites to consider CDN because it has been one of the most advanced technologies that would allow a better user experience, as well as a world-class feel on the websites that are created.