Finding your basement flooded in the day time or middle of night is not a pleasant experience for any property owner. Basements are the lowest place in a building and can easily flood. There are many natural reasons of flooded basement like heavy rain, melted ice or storm, water enters the basement silently. Other causes of flooding include burst pipes, poor drainage, sewage backup or major leaks from washing machine or water heating system. Flooded basement should not be ignored otherwise it will cause extensive damage to the building foundation, floorings and contents stored there. Water easily seeps into the crevices and cracks in walls and floor inviting the growth of mold and mildew.

In case you experience basement flooding immediately contact a professional flood cleaning service for cleanup and removal of water. Disaster Pros is a reputed and reliable company to provide cleaning and restoration services to home owners and business owners. They are well trained and prepared to use latest technology to help clean and restore the flooded basements.

After arrival first step is to find the source of water flooding and stop the flow of water. The professionals repair and fix the issue to prevent more water entrance. The flood restoration workers are experienced and trained to deal with different problems, causing flood in basement. Right steps and precautions are planned after the inspection.

Secondly you should inform your insurance company to make inspection and notes of flood in basement, for later claiming of coverage. Restoration professionals report their findings and damage repair expenses, to your insurance agent for you to claim later.

Quick removal of water is priority of restoration professionals through water extraction equipment and dehumidifiers to eliminate standing water and moisture. The basement floor, stored items and other appliances need cleaning and restoration.

If your basement is filled with waste water due to sewage backup, switch off electricity and gas supply. Waste water contain raw waste, contaminated water, bacteria and pathogens, is severely risky for health. Professional dealing with the removal of raw waste and pathogens need special training and equipment. Sewage water is called black water and need appropriate plan of action.

Sump pumps are used to evacuate water from the basement. Remove all furniture, carpets and other items to wash and clean. Wet-dry vacuums and dehumidifiers are used to eliminate moisture and ventilators to ventilate the basements as much as they can. The professional remove and discard floorings, drywall and wood. The structure is cleaned, sanitized and disinfected with antimicrobial agent thoroughly to prevent the growth of harmful pathogens and mold.

A basement takes a couple of weeks to dry completely. After complete drying the repair of foundation cracks, fixing of windows and vents and restoration of drywall is done.

Flood damage restoration workers are trained to restore your flooded basement by following steps of removal and cleaning of basement then disinfecting and drying and last of all restoring and replacing the essentials back to its original state for your safe usage.